Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've seen the word "Lomo" before while browsing Jason Magbanua's site . But I just ignored it. Few months ago, I learned from my brother about the "Lomo" or the "Lomography". It is simply using a camera with specialized feature emphasizing casual snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over saturated colors, blurring, "happy incidents" and alternative film processing are the parts of the Lomographic technique. The cameras are one of a kind some of their cameras make use of multiple lenses and rainbow colored flashes or extreme optical distortion. Use it in a way to document your everyday life.. something like that as in " don't think, just shoot!"..hehe! Nakulitan lang ako sa look ng cameras... By the way, concept of this is to use the films.. di cya digital. So medyo hassle din, you don't get to see right away the pics you've taken. . .

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