Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Wednesday

March 23, 2011

Its just like another ordinary Wednesday, but what's new? We are going out for a dinner after work. Its been quite a while since we have this bonding moment.

We decided to dine at Tokyo Cafe in Megamall. I'm with my trusted officemates : Khelly, Monette and Cathy. Yes, we are quite starving. We ordered Ceazar Salad, Pizza, Pasta and Steak Burger. I brought my brother's Olympus Tough. And it lightens up our dinner....hmmm "Panoramic Pictorial" brings us to life..hehe! We got lots of stories and we just had a good laugh at it (good or bad).

After Dinner, we had coffee at Starbucks 4th Floor (still @ Mega Atrium). And a bit of pictorial and story telling goes on..

Sharing our bonding moments...xoxo

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