Sunday, March 13, 2011

Food Trip!

Mercato Centrale trip!

Me and Lea.enjoying our food trip! sarap ng mango juice!!

Rampa patungong that reminds me of Anonymous, but its too pricey!! and it annoys me..

Nice chair..Lea's choice!

I love this red comfy and maliit lang..

Dencio..ibang look diba? taken by yours truly..
Oo ako nga ito..walang ng iba :)

Naks si Becky..panay posing!

THis is our first picture na normal na ang hair ni Dencio.. :)

I said: its jologs naman na magpapicture..Pero todo posing! hehe!

This is the winning this! Charlie's Burger..chalap!

Caught in the act of EATING..hehe!

March 13, 2011

We headed to Mercato Centrale @ the Bonifacio Global City at around 10 am. I'm so curious with this much talked about market. There are lots of food choices, and I noticed that people there are in class A and B. This is really the venue of food trip. I just go for some Cheesy Potatoes, Rice and Fish (i forgot the name, but its good), then Mango drink na masarap! While Dennis have batchoy.. Then, after we headed to High Street for some walk. I miss strolling around here, its just a perfect place to walk and window shopping! No stress and pictorial at its best. We have coffee at Starbucks (inside Powerbooks, for a change). And suddenly we decided to have burger... and we introduce Charlie's to Dennis..hehe! SHaring the pictures..


scrapgurl14 said...

Super nice nga sa Muji I wanted to buy their office supplies kaso ang mamahal.

Sandra Yu said...

it reminded me of Anonymous...mas expensive nga lang ang items. not reasonable!!