Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cebu ...for the first time!

This has been my ever first trip to Cebu and first time with my dear highschool friends. And i'm so excited! We've been friends since 2nd year high school, but we never had a trip like this.

The byaheras: Cel, Sandy, & Andy ...

Our room no 504. This is the life!

Lapu- Lapu Shrine

March 26, 2011, Saturday (Day 1)

We left Manila at around past 3 P.M. It has been a comfortable plane ride with Cebu Pacific. And my friends did a great job of saving seats at the front. All I can remember is laugh and laugh all over again with our craziness (literally!) Cel and Andrea are just natural jokers....and its "contagious":) We arrived at Cebu at around past 4 P.M. and it took us about 15 minutes taxi ride to our hotel. We came, we saw, and we fell in love... Be Resorts. Its modern and has a fabulous interior design. All I can say is : "This is the life!"..and sabay higa sa kama. I just love the room! but that's just the beginning pa lang ha..

We decided to have a quick tour at Lapu-Lapu Shrine for some pictorials. And since we are all starving to death as we didn't have lunch we quickly look for the famous "Sutukil" nearby. Sutukil literally means "sugba", tinola , and kinilaw. And we are at peace eating, which reminds us of the famous "Dampa" in Manila. And we got back to the hotel for a quick night swimming..woot!

Breaky...I love breakfast!

Breakfast at Be Resorts..Day One..Pancakes and Breads FTW!!!

At Crown Regency
Just experienced Edge Coaster and Skywalk.

Our freebie: Vertigo. Our first to try wall climbing...

Proud Sandy...
Experiencing The Terraces...reminds me of Greenbelt and Trinoma..

Thai food. Tom Yum is the best...thanks to Cel, for introducing it.

March 27, 2010, Sunday (Day 2)

This has been "THE DAY!", the breakfast buffet is a perfect start. We are so in love with the breads and jam, and the pancake, and the whole meal plus the coffee..hehe! all I can say is "sulit!" I get to appreciate the place, and its a Miami feeling. . . just like how Cel describes it. Its just so relaxing and it entertains my eyes. It rained and we are just like frustrated that we ate more..hehe! napagtripan namin tuloy ang breakfast. But the rain did stop and we are excited for some adventure in Crown Regency. We did tried the Edge Coaster, Skywalk and Vertigo. It has been a nice experience and yes, I enjoyed it. But I did regret of not getting picture at Edge Coaster...so pricey kasi so I only have one, the one in Skywalk. And we bought a cd with 6 pictures we chose at Vertigo (still pricey!)

Then we have one jeepney ..(or kung ano man tawag sa PUV nila because its not a jeep) to The Terraces. Its like Greenbelt slash Trinoma, since its an Ayala Mall. Hay, I think we kinda wasted our time strolling here, but its still fun. We are so full all thru out, since we did ate a lot during breakfast. We finally felt hungry at around 6pm, so we dine at Siam, for a Thai Food. But before leaving The Terraces, we have a mini grocery at Rustan's for some pasalubongs and for our mini inuman sessions...

March 28, 2011, Monday (Day 3)


I appreciate Be Resorts on the third day!!! The sun is scorching and so so so UP!

We are earlier than ever, we decided to go out under the sun. I have the vibes for swimming and pictorial. But, of course buffet breakfast first! Bangus is the favorite this time. The sun is scorching..but I guess I can't let it all pass by. We swim til 11:30 A.M. And the sunblock lotion does the job ..hehe! kaya nga SPF 50. It was fun and relaxing weekend..and I find it so BITIN! I'm looking forward for another vacation with the girls :)

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