Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharing my 28th Birthday and 1st Wedding Anniversary

My imitate the poster....His idea? He just put the camera on the railings..a narrow railing! a yellow mottif it!
our simple joys..."macau rice toppings, ice tea and brocolli w/ garlic"...The food is great!

Last October 27, 2008 was my 28th birthday and our 1st Wedding Anniversary. How time flies so quickly, that I can still recall the happenings last year (yeah!..). My husband woke me up at 4 am , just before he left for work. SO early! I was just so happy that I could not get back to sleep.
I got to go to work, coz I still don't have my birthday leave, maybe next year pwede na talaga. It was just like one of the regular days..but the difference is that I got lots of text messages, calls and even emails greeting me and so glad that most of them recall that its also our anniversary..Thank u sa lahat=) After office, I got a lot of "Alay Lakad"...from our office in Binondo to LRT 2...then from Santolan LRT station to SM Marikina, where Dennis and I agreed to meet. Hehe! Sanay lang talaga ko maglakad...pero I'm starving to death!
We decided to have our date..a simple date @ SM Marikina. We dine at Hai Chinese Restaurant and Bar. Para maiba...and I love to dine there when I saw the "Macau Rice Toppings" as Dennis...he likes it din pala. We got a lot of time to take photos while waiting for the food to be served. We got lots of kwentos, as always. We rarely got time for chit chats since we got different scheds for the past few weeks. Hopefully we could catch up with more kwentos next week..(as if di nagkikita noh..hehe!) To Dennis...I'll walk beside u..mwah Happy Anniversary!


Benga said...

Belated Happy Birthday and Happy wedding anniversary! More birthdays and more anniversaries to come!

scrapgurl said...

Ganda ng picture nyo! Ang galing, ternong yellow talaga pati background!

Jenny said...

haha! ang cute ng pic nyo ah!

Lynnette said...

oo nga, ganda ng picture nyo, parang professional ang dating ha! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday!

Happy anniversary!

Happy blogoversary!

Sandra Yu said...

Thanks a lot ladies=) its actually my favorite photo during our dinner date..hehe! ayos ba? pinatong lang ni dennis sa railings yun camera..trip lang.