Saturday, April 9, 2011

super food trip :)

April 6, 2011, Wednesday

Me, Monette and Khelly are in deep trouble..its a sin..its Gluttony!!

the Greek Salad!

Tubig na lang dear!!

The gluttony girls ;)

During lunch we go to Cafe Mediterranean in Podium. I've been craving for it since the other week. We ordered Chicken Gyro and The Greek Salad...yummy!

The verdict:Chicken Gyro- I should have ordered Pita instead of Rice. Another, I don't really like some of the side dishes. Its 7 / 10. The Greek Salad- This is something I love! though I miss the tonos salata of Cyma. its 8/10. Budget- its pricey, but I guess as this is a some kinda sosi..sige na pwede na ;) 8/ 10
Cafe Ysabel..FTW!

Khelly and Sandy :)

Monette slash Keep Speaking and Sandy..hehe!

Thank you girls...You just saved the day.. Love u!

The debonaire @ Cafe Ysabel! my first time here!

Then after office, we suddenly felt like eating again..and we did wanted to try Cafe Ysabel. And I'm again the "first timer"!! Its a fine dining. I love the ambiance and its like an old house turned into a resto. The place is perfect for dates..hehe! yes, I do agree its some kinda "romantic", with dim lights. k

The Verdict: Food- I tried the Polly's Pasta, which reminds me of Vigan Pasta in Cookbook Kitchen. Its tasty and yummy. And its good for 2-3 person, not bad! My friend, Khelly, shared the Cafe Ysabel Pasta, their best seller. I'm not a fan of "white sauce" , but yes its delicious!. And I did enjoyed my trip to the dessert area...and yummy again when we tried 2 of the cakes. Its 9/10. Ambiance: I adore the design of the old house, the paintings in the ceiling, its just so romantic. its 8/10. Budget: P500 is the budget per pax. Not bad, since they got servings good for 2-3, where you can share. its 8/10

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