Monday, April 11, 2011

Lavish Lashes!!!

Lavish Lashes Studio

My Extra Glamour Lashes! wink!
April 11, 2011

Lucky enough, I was able to dropped by during lunch time at Megamall. And have an appointment after office. And I just thought of having my lashes retouched as I am not so happy with it. I actually witnessed 4 lashes down..sad, but true. My first ever eyelash extension was last March 31, 2011. I can feel the change...its like a dream come true.

My eyelash extensions were made by Lavish Lashes Studio. I chose of course the Extra Glamour which costs P1K. Eyelash extension's price starts at P550 (for fancy), P800 (for Glamour)


Jenny said...

how long does it last sands?

Sandra Yu said...

it last for 4-6 weeks..then re-touch na lang :)