Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unionbank Bowling Tournament 2011

Team 37

Pang warm up pic ....

Chillin' on our first game.....ayus!

Yours truly with the official photographer of Businessline ...salamat :)


career? I so enjoyed Bowling...Pwedeng karirin!!

kulitan portion :)

Monette, Khelly and Sandy..chillin' after the game @ Coffeebean ...

Yes, I was the brainchild of forming our team. And with no regrets, its been a fun day. My hubby's second time to meet my officemates. Our bowling tournament was held last January 22, 2011 at Mall Of Asia.

We did well, coz without enough practice we still made it to 17th place. Unfortunately, the jurors will have to consider the top 12 teams. But honestly, its all fair and square. The fun and food is enough ;)

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