Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hectic Weekend

Caitlyn in her fairy dress...ang cute!
Chey & Caitlyn ..with Chey's friends
posing after the marathon...hay sarap!!

I love being busy, of course with the company of friends and family...Last weekend has been a busy one. It started last friday night (06.5.09), where my former UCPB officemate/dear friend, Susan, celebrated her bongacious birthday bash at Coffee Nook @ El Pueblo. It has been a reunion for my former officemates. It has always been fun, good food and lots of drinks..but I had ice tea for this night..hehe! not really in the mood to drink.
Then last Saturday (06.6.09) was Caitlyn's 1st birthday. I thought the celebration will be on the afternoon, around 12 noon pala. The party was held at McDonald's Marcos Highway. The party was attended by family, relatives, and friends of my SIL. And as usual, I can't avoid the food there, hey...favorite ko dun..hehe! Dennis was the official photographer and while Byron, my BIL, took the videos. Its a good thing my hubby got the new videocam. After the program and hearty meal, Birdie and Hamburgular take the stage. The kids really adore them and I even take the opportunity to have a pictorial with them..hehe! antagal nila magpakuha parang ayaw..
The party ended at around past 2 P.M. In the evening, Dennis and I drove all the way to Lagro where will stay for the night coz it will be another day for 2nd marathon..

TGIS! 06.7.09...Its 4 am when I finally get out of bed.. actually ako huling bumangon..lahat gising na and almost done. Dennis is our official driver/photographer for the marathon, since he's not really into it.. We left our house at 4:30 am. Imagine how fast I have to move to fix myself.. no make ups..hehe! Our first stop is to pick up my friend, Cel, who's also joining..Next stop, to pick up, Nikki, friend of my cousin na friend ko na din...hehe! Then off we went to the Fort. My brother, Sam, is getting too worried coz it was already past 5 am and we are still in Commonwealth..He joined the 15K run, which will start at 5:30 kaming lahat by 6am pa. We reached the location at exactly 5:30am. Late na bro ko, while us, even have warm up..onti lang. So ayun, we run at 6am..kakapagod pero it was still fun for me..same feeling of excitement I felt. After the marathon, we register again for another one to be held at U.P. (GIG run) on June 28. Addicting talaga. And then we had breakfast sa walang kasawa-sawang McDonald's...ulet..McDonald's weekend pala eto..mali ang title ng topic ko..


Lynnette said...

saya naman ng marathons ninyo:) talaga, your bro did the 15 K??? grabe naman!!! kahit sa bike di ko kaya yun ha! hehe

Sandra Yu said...

onga eh, enjoy kaya nakaka-addict..hehe! yup he did 15K..mukang di ko kakayanin yun, siguro pag sanay na sanay na