Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks be to God=)

As what my hubby always try to say.."learn to wait, and then you'll find out". Last last week has been very disappointing. But last week, something good (or I mean something better) has happened. I applied for a job in a bank last June 3. Then, after half an hour, I received a text inviting me to come for an exam on wednesday or thurday (my choice). I decided to take the exam on thursday. So I was in Ortigas on a thursday morning, of course, with my better half, Dennis, who is having his training in the same area. SO happy that I passed the exam, it is actually an elimination type. And we got 2 rounds! WOW! I can't believe that I passed it and I was scheduled for an interview on the same day at around 4pm. I was out in their Head Office at around 12 noon. So I headed straight to the Galleria after the exam, for my lunch. On my way, I just still can't believe that I made it. I have to wait for 4 long hours. But I just can't stroll in the mall...hehe! FYI my boss' office is just inside the Galleria..and I might just get caught (secret..secret!)

Luckily, my most awaited movie is on showing. It's Sex and the City. I have promised myself to watched it. And I guess its the right time=) with Dennis approval for me to watch alone...I GET TO SEE IT!!! I got teary-eyed, I laugh and laugh...all emotions rolled in to one...the movie is something I wanted to watch again. Its about life...a real story in everyone of us. I really missed the 4 fab ladies=) . The movie has ended at around 3:15pm, just in time for me to prepare for the interview at 4pm.

I arrived at the Headoffice of the bank before 4 Pm. So so ! nervous! This is the part I hated in every job application. I'm not really good at it and I just feel a bit uncomfortable. I waited for the 2 fellows who are first scheduled. During my interview, I feel so lucky. Why? the interviewer is nice and she's not "nakakanerbyos"..hehe! I just felt like talking to a friend. I was offered with the job in a branch..where? in Binondo.. I was so in doubt first, but I was offered a good position, a junior officer position. Before the interview, I ask God , if something will be given to me by the company, I'll take the chance no matter what it is. So there...I finally agreed though I was in doubt because of the location. I am residing in San Mateo, Rizal then I'll be going to work in Binondo. . Its a challenge for me. Finally, I was asked to stay and according to Ms Toni, the interviewer, I was just so lucky that I do not have to go to Binondo because the boss there is in the! another bonus=) I have my interview with the boss and the interview goes well, I should say. I just felt happy after it though still have no assurance of the job.

Dennis and I met after the interview. We headed straight to Medical City. My sister-in-law (Den's youngest sibling) just gave birth that day (around 5:30 AM). SO happy that my sister-in-law is okay naman, she has normal delivery despite she has asthma and she's diabetic. The first apo's name is Caitlyn. While at the hospital, I received a isa pang bonus! I'm invited to come for the job offer on! wow!

Thanks be to God=)


scrapgurl said...

Amen! Everything has its reasons Sands! Congrats ha!

Sandra Yu said...

thanks cel! onga, wait lang talaga..wag atat, gaya ko last last week..hehe! and mas better ang position, kesa dun sa kinalungkot ko=)