Sunday, March 8, 2009

THe FINAL SeT! 03.7.09

I've been an Eraserheads fanatic since my highschool days.. I must admit they still ROCK my world.....
The first reunion concert of the E-heads last Aug 30, 208, has not been that much good, due to Ely's health condition. I never even thought that this concert will still be pursued. Until it was officially announced in the web and newspapers last January (i believe its January). Well, last night there are thousands of people who gathered for the "Final Set" , and its really overwhelming. Good old songs are so nice to be heard again, and I'm surprised that I can still sing along with them. Even the fast songs that Raymund Marasigan sang..(grabe!..u rock!). In most of the concert it was Ely Buendia who is only singings, aside from Raymund, Marcus Adoro also sang one song...his own rendition of "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong"...pretty good huh, in a reggae tone with matching kakulitan. So entertaining! We have some pictures taken, this was before the concert started. We are at the concert ground at around 6:30pm. And we waited for more than 2 hours! (believe it!) but its all worth it... Thanks to my hubby, who is with me all the time and nakiki-ride sa kabaliwan ko..hehe! di madali yun I know...Thanks Dennis , Love u so much!

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Lynnette said...

hi Sands! :) I would love to watch eheads live, sayang i can't be there. I heard about francis M... sad news talaga! a month ago, we were on our way to raph's grand parents (10 hr drive), i played all the album of eheads sa car... pati yung album ni francis m. Gulat din ako kasi alam ko pa lyrics ng mga kanta ng eheads, kakatuwa no? :)