Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paintball @ La Mesa Ecopark 02.21.09

Its Saturday- its paintball day!. We are invited by our fellow Unionbankers from the other area for this small get together. And its me and my officemate, Oliver, who came to join in our area. We are sort of late (especially me). It was my very first time to come at La Mesa Ecopark considering that I used to lived at Quezon City for the past 26 years of my ironic! I commute all the way from San Mateo, Rizal to Ecopark. I arrived at around 11:30 A.M, actually we are supposed to be there by 9:30 A.M (buti na lang medyo na late pa sila). So as I arrived, the receptionist helped to gear me up.This is my very first paintball experience too. So I really had no idea. We are given some brief instructions before we start. How to use the guns, we should wear mask all the time...stuff like that. This is my first also to meet the other groups, so medyo shy pa ko. But I found them very nice and enjoying so I have no problems warming up..hehe!. So as we started, they let us first come in the war zone (whatever they call the place..basta yun ang tawag ko) and find our hiding place. I was so scared, coz I got the idea that the paintballs can cause bruises..kaya puro tago ako. And on the first game, I was caught by the opponent plus nagkabukol pako dahil sa paintball..haha! hilarious.. After the game, we have some pictorials with our gears. Medyo smelly lang ang gears dahil siguro sa pawis ng iba..hehe! Right after that, we get to stroll around the park. I was impressed with the place coz I felt like I'm in Baguio (not of the weather ha) because I thought I was in Botannical garden..then when I see the boats, I just thought I was in Burnham Park. So nice to meet new people and of course, in this place...I want to go back with Dennis, soon=)

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