Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My 1st ever ASAP experience

A snapshot of John Lloyd during the commercial break! Can't believe I was able to call him and tadan! tumingin sa camera...

Ann, Angie & Sandra

Last Sunday was supposedly my relaxation day. I planned of staying at home all day , sleep and of course, do some scrapbooking. I woke up early that day, when I checked my cellphone, a friend of mine has text me...well, Angie is asking me if I could come to watch A.S.A.P live at Channel 2. No doubts of joining her and Ann. I was so excited, this is something unexpected! Its my first time to watch TV show and of course to see the beautiful people in person..hehe!
We meet up @ Tomas Morato at around 10 a.m (as early as that). At past 10, we arrived at the audience entrance of ABS-CBN. We waited for more than an hour to enter the studio, (as in!) and we are quite hungry that time. My head is aching so badly, but with my eagerness to see my "crushes"....I forgot about it..hehe! This was my first experience to watch a TV show and I was so starstruck with the beautiful people, whom I just see at television every weekend. Me and the girls are even more "kilig to the bones" when we saw John Lloyd Cruz...panalo talaga, lalo his cute eyes...buti na lang andun siya and he saved our day. Wala kasi si Piolo Pascual & Sam Milby. The show started at around 12 noon and ended by 3pm...For short, we have no lunch...we did not even manage to go to the washroom since we are at the center of the stage. I enjoy the experience of watching them live..they are really talented and entertaining I should say. After watching we headed straight to Napoli...we are starving to death ! And kilig kwentuhan has been continued there...Another moment I shall happy!

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Jenny said...

aba natuloy na rin ang ASAP nyo :)